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the god. since day 1 on earth (and even before that). just look at Adam and eve. so really it was the christian one so i would just ignore what the guy below wrote.

The God's that have been worshiped the longest are those cultures that have been around longer than the Christian one. The only culture that still worships those "gods" are those in Egyptian Culture. A huge riff occurred when Moses' story occurred but these gods are still worshiped today.

The Christian God is said to have created all. Truth is, word of this god doesnt spread all that much until the age of Moses. So the Egyptian Gods have been worshipped in masses the longest. You can also take into account Greek and Roman Gods as well. The Christian God is now more accepted today, but newest in being worshipped. So, I would not IGNORE the comment above mine...he/she is right.

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Q: Which god has been worshipped the longest?
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