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Ron Guidry had 248 strikeouts in the 1978 season. This broke the single season record set by New York Yankee Jack Chesbro who had 439 in 1906.

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Q: Which New York Yankees pitching record did Yankees pitcher Ron Guidry break in 1978?
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Which pitcher holds the Yankees record for most strikeouts in a single game?

Ron Guidry Guidry set the Yankees single game record when he struckout 18 California Angels in a game on June 17, 1978.

Which New York Yankees pitching record did Ron Guidry tie in 1978?

Ron Guidry tied Babe Ruth's AL record for most shutouts for a left hander set in 1916.

What pitcher has the most strikeouts in a single season for the New York Yankees?

As of the 2010 season, the Yankees team record for strikeouts by a pitcher in a season is 248 by Ron Guidry in 1978.

What aspect of New York Yankees pitcher Ron Guidry made him a key part of the Yankees pitching staff?

Baseball mangers and players were impressed with Guidry's fastball that was clocked at 82 miles per hour. It's unusual for a pitcher of Guidry's height to pitch at that velocity. In addition, on June 17, 1978, Guidry pitched a 4-0 shut out which broke the teams 59 year old record for left handed pitchers. He struck out 18 Angels.

How many wind did ron guidry have in his winningest season as a Yankee pitcher?

Guidry won the Cy Young Award in 1978 with a 25-and-3 record.

What pitcher holds the record for most World Series games won?

Whitey Ford of the New York Yankees holds the MLB record for World Series pitching victories with 10.

Which team has the record for pitching the most strikeouts in one season?


Which New York Yankees pitcher holds the record for most wins in Yankees history?

The New York Yankees all-time winningest pitcher is Whitey Ford with 236 wins.

Who holds the American League record for shutouts in one season by a left-handed pitcher?

== == Ed Morris had 12 in 1886, which is the AA record for Lefthanders Sandy Koufax had 11 in 1963, which is the NL record for Lefthanders The American League record for shutouts in a season by a southpaw is 9 and held by Ron Guidry of the Yankees (1978) and Babe Ruth of the Red Sox (1916).

What Yankee pitcher holds the team record for most strikeouts?

For a single season, that is Ron Guidry with 248 in 1978. For a career, that is Whitey Ford with 1,956.

What was Babe Ruth's pitching record against the New York Yankees?


Who has the best all time pitching record against the New York Yankees?

Babe Ruth

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