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The Normans were likely interred in a mass grave. The English dead were initially left to rot in the field and be scavenged by wild animals (and a great deal probably were), but Duke William later allowed families to collect the bodies of their dead.

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Q: Where are the dead from the Battle of Hastings buried?
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When was Harold godwinson dead?

At the Battle of Hastings, 1066.

What did Hawkeyes do after the battle?

He buried the dead

What did Gettysburg do after the battle?

People of Gettysburg buried the dead.

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heya the battle of the is google and type in battle of hastings

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The battle of hastings was in a town called battle (which was not named battle until after the battle of hastings) it was in the middle of knowwere and it was about 10km from a town called hastings.

How did the English do good in the Battle of Hastings?

They had a tactic which was to keep stabbing until everyone was dead!

Who found Harold's dead body in the battle of Hastings?

Harolds wifes asistents found him

According to this reading passage, what did Hawkeye do after the battle?

He buried the dead.

In the battle of hastings what happened at midday?

on the day of battle of hastings thaere was a BATTLE :/

What would be a good headline for the battle of Hastings?

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What city was the Battle of Hastings near?

Hastings. The actual battle took place about 10 km nw of Hastings.

What month was battle of hastings?

The month the Battle Of Hastings was in was October.