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There are a few reserve MP units in FL. There are MP Battalions in Tallahassee (160th MP BN), Tampa (317th MP BN) and Ft. Myers (724th MP BN). I do not believe that the 160th and 724th have any companies because they are an I/R battalion. The 317th has 3 companies:

351st MP Co (Ocala, FL and Detachment in Jacksonville, FL)

810th MP Co (Tampa, FL and Detachments in Ft. Lauderdale and Ft. Myers)

320th MP Co (St Petersburg)

There is also the 418th MP Co in Orlando, FL.

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Q: Where are the Army reserve MP units in Florida?
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Fresno army reserve military police unit?

Yes. The 324th MP Battallion is in Fresno now.

How many people are in an army company?

The answer to your question depends on the mission of the company. Artillery units have batteries and Cavalry units have troops, both of which are basically the same as a company. Companies generally have between 70 and 200 soldiers. Combat Arms companies (such as infantry) have approximately 133 soldiers, but again, this is dependent on the type of company. Airborne units, Light Infantry units and Mechanized units differ based on their mission and method of employment. Military Police companies (Combat Support) have approximately 150 soldiers, normally divided into 5 platoons (4 MP platoons and a Headquarters platoon). This is also not a hard and fast rule because of different missions and support roles.

Who was first female British MP?

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How many people are in an Army division now?

Depends On what division you're talking about If let's say your talking about the 293rd MP Co, Div 3/7 Alpha O. 6368 There would be approx. 640,000 Soldiers . Gettin Deployed and Hoo-ah 'd

Why are US Army Military Police Companies numbered instead of having letters like A Co B Co?

To my knowledge, only infantry companies are lettered. Because there are more than 26 of them, or at least plans were made for them to have that many. Military Police companies aren't the only ones that are numbered instead of lettered. Here's the deal: In the Army, we have companies, battalions, brigades and divisions. A division is a group of brigades, a brigade is a group of battalions, a battalion is a group of companies (or batteries). Let's say you're a Signal soldier. You're in the 100th Signal Battalion, and you're also in Company B of that battalion. There's also a Company A, and probably a Company C and Company D. Okay so far? If you're an MP, you're in the only MP company in the division. You can't be Company A of the 10th MP Battalion because a battalion can't have only one line company. Therefore, they just name your unit the 10th MP Company. Some of the other kinds of units that are numbered instead of lettered include high-level aviation maintenance, pathfinder, chemical, artillery, and training. Until the Vietnam war era Military Police Companies in a Battalion were lettered, a BN would have an A, B,C etc co. like the 759th MP BN went all the way to D co. After the Vietnam war the Army began reallignment of the MP Corps by adding Brigades and realized there were too many MP Companies so they got rid of the lettered company and added the numerical companies that were already in existence. After the Vietnam era until the Mid-90's there was still an A co which was the Garrison MP CO of the BN, only working law enforcement. In the mid to late 90's they were switched to MP Detachments. Training Battalions still have companies with letters 701st has A - C, 787th, 795th, and 796th go to Golf Co

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Fresno army reserve military police unit?

Yes. The 324th MP Battallion is in Fresno now.

Where are the Army reserve MP unit in Pennsylvania?

The 320th Military Police Battalion is located in Ashelee, Pennsylvania, due south of Wilkes-Barre.

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An MP is a Military Policeman/woman

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What Army units operate at Fort Dix NJ in 1973?

Third Brigade trianign BAsic recrutis I wen tin in Jan 73 was asigned A-4-3 Comapny A 4th Battalaion, 3rd Brigade Youhad the 412th MP Comapany 511th MP Comap-ny and the 532nd MP comapny all part of the 759th MP Battalion

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If a private first class in the us army was in the 95th mp battalion 230th mp company and 18th mp brigade what regimental crest do they wear the DUI from the battalion or from the brigade?

The battalion

What is the difference between Master at Arms and a MP in the navy?

Master-at-Arms in the Navy are responsible for discipline and law enforcement. There are no MP's in the Navy; the Army's Military Police Corps are largely responsible for the same thing in the Army.

Who invented the mp-40?

The Erma Werke firearm company, funded by the German Army (Wehrmacht).

How long is army mp school if you reclass?

It would be two 2 week sessions or 4 weeks all at once.

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