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Q: When were women allowed in military police?
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Why are women allowed in the Military?

Because it would be sexist not to allow them in the military.

What are the rules regarding women in the US military?

From WWII until the end of the Vietnam War, women were part of the US Army's WAC (Women's Army Corps); US Navy WAVE's (Women Allowed Volunteer Emergency service); etc. After Vietnam came the all volunteer military and the WACs and WAVEs were abolished in about 1975. Today-the US military has transitioned into a military/law enforcement force (effective 1990s) and is a equal opportunity employer.

What does civilian means?

A person who is not a member of the military or the police force.

Do you honor police on Veterans Day?

Absolutely not unless they served in the military. No, simply because a police officer may on occasion encounter a violent situation, it does not make them a military veteran. When the going gets tough the police can quit where as the military person must go on and do their best under the worst of conditions. The military is not represented by a union. Military spend time away from their loved ones. Military sacrafice a normal life. I realize many police consider themselves para-military but they are simply.....police. Not members of the military. If police with no military service want to be called vets or want to join vetrans organizations or be honored a veterans........join the military.

Were women allowed at the Olympics?

Women were not allowed to compete personally. Married women were not allowed to attend the games because of a penalty of death, although maidens were allowed to attend.

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When were women allowed into the military?


Why are women allowed in the Military?

Because it would be sexist not to allow them in the military.

Who decided that women are not allowed to fight in the military?

selective service law

Which president allowed women to enroll in US military academies?


How many women are allowed in the military?

As many that are qualified and want to join.

In what special teams of the military are women allowed?

Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs.

In what year were women first allowed to enroll in theUS military academies?

in 1948

Can women be military police?

YES women can become MPs. I was in Iraq in 2006-2007 and served with several females MPs.

Who is allowed to serve in the military in Germany?

Anyone 18 or over. Military service is required for males when they turn 18. They are allowed to do civil service if they do not wish to serve in the military but this takes longer. Women are not required to serve.

What military positions were available to women once they were allowed to join the military?

When women were allowed to join the military, they were placed on the battlefield as nurses, just as they had been during the Civil War era. The U.S. Military also created branches such as the WAC, or Womens Air Corp. Women performed flying duties around the American borders so that more men were available on the front. There's women were known as WASPs.

What has the author Barbara Musumeci Soares written?

Barbara Musumeci Soares has written: 'Mulheres policiais' -- subject(s): Military police, Women and the military, Social conditions, Women soldiers, Women, Armed Forces

WAVES were a womens corps for what branch of the military?

US Navy-Women Allowed to Volunteer for Emergency Service WAVES-Women Allowed to Volunteer for Emergency Service in the US Navy.