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The Montgomery bus boycott

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the Montgomery bus boycott >>> apex

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Q: What yearlong protest was started by the actions of Rosa Parks?
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What yearlong protest was started by the acftion of Rosa parks?

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

What year long protest was started by actions of Rosa Parks?

The Birmingham Bus Boycott of 1955 was inspired by the arrest of Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat to a white man.

How did the Black community in Montgomery protest Mrs Parks' arrest?

It started a boycott against riding the bus

What were the consequences of Rosa parks actions?

she was the beginning of the Civil Rights Protest which led to Martin Luther King Jr getting power. If it wasn't for her there would still be the rascim of 1930's today. Also she started other protests in usa further down south.

Protest in a sentence?

Rosa Parks protested against segregation .

What is the site of Rosa parks' civil rights protest?


How did the people protest after Rosa's parks arrest?

the people wore mad

What did white people think of Rosa Parks?

They did not like all the protest that were started up because of her, as a result to this she was constantly threatened by white people and she also lost her job because of what she did.

Who is Rosa parks and what did she do?

Rosa parks was a Black woman when black women did not have many rights as they do now and she refused a bus drivers order to give up her seat to a white person her actions started the Montgomery bus boycott

What are Rosa parks actions?

the Montgomery bus boycott

What did Rosa Parks do after she got out of jail?

Rosa Parks was a seamstress at a department store. She was on her way home from work when she was arrested. When she got out of jail, she was fired from her job for her actions and went to work for the NAACP, the civil rights group who was arranging the bus boycott to protest her arrest and the segregation laws that had caused her arrest.

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