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6 years

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Q: What was the age gap between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?
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Was Catherine of aragon divorced?

Yes. Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII's marriage was a divorce

Who was King Henry VIII's first wife?

Catherine of Aragon. Catherine of Aragon Henry VIII's first wife was Catherine of Aragon.

Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?

Catherine Of Aragon? Yes. She was Henry VIII first wife who he divorced.

How old was Henry VIII when he divorced Catherine of Aragon?

henry VIII , never married catherine of aragon .

Where did Catherine of Aragon get married to Henry VIII?

On Sunday, 24 June 1509 Catherine of Aragon married Henry VIII

When did Henry viii married Catherine of Aragon?

it was June 24, 1509. when Catherine of Aragon got married to Henry VIII

When did Henry divorce Catherine of aragon?

Henry VIII divorced Catherine of Aragon in 1533.................. If that was what you were talking about.....

What was the problems between henry viii and catherine of aragon?

Catherine or Aragon was first married to Arthur (Henry VIII's brother). However, after the death of Henry VII, Henry VIII decided to marry Catherine for political gains. Tensions arose between the two when both children of Catherine died and Henry VIII wanted a son for his legacy. Soon after, Henry started affair with Mary Boleyn and decided for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

What problems arose between Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII?

Henry was younger than her.

Did Catherine of aragon ever remarry?

Catherine of Aragon was the widow of Henry VIII's brother Arthur when she married Henry VIII. She however never remarried after Henry VIII.

Is blody Mary daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of aragon?

Yes. Bloody Mary was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

How old was Henry when he was married to Catherine of aragon?

Henry VIII was 17 when he married Catherine of Aragon and she was 23.

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