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Many rights were not in the original Constitution of the United States. The rights of freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the right to keep and bear arms, freedom from slavery, voting rights, women's rights, and many more were not present. The Bill of Rights added most of these freedoms, but the end of slavery, voting rights, and the rights of women were not established until much later.

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Q: What right is not found in the original Constitution?
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Are Women in the Original Constitution?

yes. They didn't have the right to vote.

Did women have the right to vote under the original US Constitution?

No, it wasn't until the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920 that women were granted suffrage.

In the original Constitution did women have the right to vote?

No. The Constitution only uses the gender neutral "people" or "person" and never specifically mentions either sex, male or female. The Constitution was thus phrased to apply equally to both women and men.Contrary to common opinion, women were not denied the right to vote by the original Constitution--the individual states were left to determine their own requirements for voting. It was at the state level that women were unconstitutionally denied their right to vote. The states lost the power to exclude citizens from voting on the basis of sex with the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920.

Who are the original constitution?

A constitution is not a Who, it is a What.

How many articles were in the the original constitution?

There were 7 articles in the original Constitution.

Under the original constitution the states were to choose presidential electors?

however they wished. i got it right on my quiz. :]

Place where the original constitution can be viewed?

The National Archives in Washington DC, right next to the Declaration of Independence

What was the original U.S. Constitution called?

The original constitution was called ''Articles of Confideration''

How many signatures are on the original document of the constitution?

There are 38 signatures on the original constitution.

What was guaranteed by most state constitution's?

The original Bill of Rights in the US Constitution.

Does the original Constitution forbid an official religion for the nation?

The original Constitution did forbid an official religion for the nation. However, everyone in the US has the right to religious freedom.

Name one right of freedom found in the first amendment of the constitution?

Freedom of Assembly