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This is a popular myth associated with the prime First Lady ( as Prime itself means first- like Primary) Martha Washington. It is a myth. The possibility exists some European Queens or Noblewomen may have been in a catatonic state ( embalming not used) and may have been buried alive. This could not have been the case of Catherine II who collapsed in her Bathtub, was attended to and dried off by her Ladies-In-Waiting ( considering the circumstances ladies in Wading might be more accurate! while Major Potemkin was all over the speaking tubes- summoning Palace guards- a doctor, and a Court Chaplain. By the time they got her dried off- and ladies fetched her robes- Catherine was no longer of this Earth. It was a very sad, yet tragicomic thing I can imagine the wild confusion at the Kremlin Winter Palace ( Yikes! Cathy"s Collapsed in the Bathtub- oh boy- )

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Q: What president had a wife buried alive?
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