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73% of Federal inmates consider themselves Democrats.

State stats will be skewed according to their location.

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Q: What percentage of prison inmates are Democrats?
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What was built by inmates taken from Changi Prison Camp?

The Burma Railway was built by the inmates taken from the Changi prison camp .

Which early prison system was heralded as the one that was humane and provided inmates with the opportunity for rehabilitation?

the irish system

When was Al Capone taken to Alcatraz?

When Alcatraz first became a federal prison in 1934, wardens from all over the country were permitted to send their most incorrigible inmates to Alcatraz. Al Capone was amongst these inmates. Alcatraz began accepting inmates during August of 1934, so Al Capone was probably transferred to Alcatraz around that time.

How would you describe a prison to a park?

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Is there a military prison at Fort Knox Kentucky?

Every post has an area for holding prisioners. This is not a prison though. Ft. Knox is a major training base.That is wrong. there is a prison at ft Knox. It is for soldiers who are sentenced to less than 3 years more than 3 years go to LeavenworthCorrection: I worked there in the 1980's and worked on post in the 1990's.There was from 1947 to September 2009. Civil affairs often put out disinformation on the prison. It housed inmates with 7 years or less or that had a PTA parole agreement. It was built to house 250 inmates and stayed between 200 to 500 inmates. Many of the inmates had longer sentences at civilian prisons near by to serve. There were also a few terrorist housed there off and on. Until 1969 it housed an electric chair and over 200 army inmates and German war criminals were put to death. In the 1970's a Manson follower was drafted and jailed for attempted murder and wrote "Helter Skelter" on the door of the death chamber after murdering a guard. The writing stayed no matter how they tried to erase it.

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