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Classical art sought the perfect balance an beauty in natural things. The gods were of course perfect. Byzantine tradition is a stylized presentation of Christian persons or the Imperial court, usually in murals and mosaics.

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Muslim art forbade art that included depicting humans or animals in religious art. they focus on using flower patterns and calligraphy- writing in their art. writings and flower are also used in architecture. unlike the Muslims the byzantine use icons or religious images in their arts.

The characteristic art style of the Islamic Empire was arabesque. Architecture of the early Byzantine Empire favored the use of large domes and vaults. In the top of these domes was a painting of the Pantocractor {the almighty god}. Islamic people used domes for there most famous religious architecture, Dome of the Rock. Islamic people used calligraphy in manuscript and in architecture. this paragraph was taken from the following website:

i had a hard time doing a comparison project between the two and this website eased up the process a little also use this website:

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Both styles display an advanced understanding of human anatomy, but Hellenistic art went beyond this and experimented with how the body moves and how it looks in action-- how torsos twist, muscles bulge, etc. Hellenistic art is also highly dramatic, filled with humor, agony, anger, and other emotions. The Dying Gaul by Epigonos and Leocoon and His Sons by Athanadoros, Hagesandros, and Polydoros are good examples of Hellenistic art.

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Q: What is the difference between classical art and Byzantine art?
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Was Fresco painting common in Byzantine art?

Frescoes were less widespread in the Byzantine period than in the classical period. They were often replaced by wall mosaics.

What is classical Greek art?

Art made by the Greeks roughly between the start and end of the classical era.

What is a classical line in art?

the connection between analytical (classical) line and static compositions

What was the art period before Byzantine Art?

Well seeing as Byzantine Art really only applies to a style of art in the Byzantine Empire and not the world, one can't really give a definite name to its predecessor. However, Byzantine Art was influenced by art from the Roman Empire (Roman Art).

Who paid for the byzantine art?

Byzantine art was paid for mostly by emperors and the Orthodox church.

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What kind of art is the Byzantine Empire known for?

"Byzantine" art - mosaics, religious icons, domed cathedrals

What was the time span of the Classical art period?

There exist different definitions. Classical Greek art can be defined as having been made between 480 and c. 350 BC.

What is the difference between Christian art and pagan art?

Christian art depicts figures and stories from the Christian Bible. Pagan art depicts figures and stories from any number of pagan sources. Many of the classical artists did both Christian and pagan works, sometimes blending the two into a single art piece.