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Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated and exiled, the old monarchies of Europe acted quickly to reassert their old power. They crushed the democratic rebellions and restored dethroned monarchs to their thrones. Rumor had it that they wanted to destroy the new Latin America republics and restore the lands to colonial rule by Spain. Britain did not want this to happen because the monopoly-free ports of the new Latin American republics were profitable so the British minister at that time, George Canning, suggested that the United States and Great Britain jointly declare the Americas off limits to the European powers. At that time, Russia was expanding its territory from Alaska down the west coast of the North American continent and the people in the United States was afraid that the Russians would cut the Americans off from its window to the Pacific Ocean.

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Q: What events in latin America led to the monroe doctrine?
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US involvment with Latin america?

The Monroe Doctrine

What was the policy in Latin America called?

Monroe Doctrine

Which region did Monroe direct most of his Monroe Doctrine?

South and Latin America.

What protected latin america from european attack?

The Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine was proclaimed in response to revolutions in?

south america

How did the Monroe doctrine affected US relationship with Latin American?

The Monroe Doctrine essentially protected the Americas from further European conquest. Therefore, the doctrine made the U.S. a sort of "big brother" to Latin America.

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Monroe doctribe forbid european countries in latin america

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Latin America

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To warn Europe to stay out of Latin America

Name the document that justified US involement in Latin America?

Monroe Doctrine

What effects did the monroe doctrine and roosevelt corollary have on latin america?

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In which area of the world has the us become involved militarily because of the Monroe doctrine?

The US is involved in Latin America militarily because of the Monroe doctrine.