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Honor is like that you are won and you are bright and the medal look like you are the won of your class and brightly ad ofcourse studying well...

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2011-08-01 10:58:58
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Q: What does the Medal of Honor look like?
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What are all the Medal of Honor games?

The names are as stated in chronological order by release date: Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Underground, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault- Spearhead, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault- Breakthrough, Medal of Honor: Frontline, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Medal of Honor: European Assault, Medal of Honor: Infiltrator, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Medal of Honor: Heroes, Medal of Honor: Vanguard, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, and Medal of Honor (2010).

Which is better Medal of Honor or Medal of Honor limited edition?

Medal of honor limited edition is better to me cause i tried it and i liked it but you may not like it but i love medal of honor limited edition better.

What medal of honor games are for PS2?

Medal of Honor European Assault Medal of Honor Frontline Medal of Honor: Vanguard Medal of Honor Collection with Rising Sun , Frontline and European Assult Medal of Honor Rising Sun

How do you get the wings medal in Medal of Honor vanguard?

When you jump out of the plane look for the GREEN smoke and land on it.

Does Medal of Honor heroes 2 have skirmish like Medal of Honor heroes?

Unfortunately it doesn't, which sucks. But you can play online.

What is the oldest medal of honor game?

The first Medal of Honor was just called medal of honor

How much does medal of honor warfighter cost at Game Stop?

Medal of Honor Warfighter costs I think something like 37.99

Medal of honor heroes?

yep they made medal of honor heroes.... they have Medal of Honor heroes for the psp and they also have Medal of Honor heroes 2 for the wii and the psp!

What is the Posthumous Medal of Honor?

A medal of honor awarded after death

Is a medal of honor be won or earned?

The Medal of Honor is EARNED!

Will there be anymore medal of honor games?

Yes, there is a Medal of Honor game coming out this year in 2010 simply called Medal of Honor, and shouldn't be confused with the original Medal of Honor game.

What is the highest medal of honor called?

In the US, the highest military medal is the Medal of Honor. There is no "degree" associated with this medal.

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