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1-H means that the person is not subject to processing for induction.

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Q: What does selective service classification 1-h mean?
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What was World War 2 draft classification 1H?

Registered for the draft, but deferred by age (over 28). Typically a 1H person registered for the draft but was never called for a physical. It was considered unlikely that person would be called up. But in World War 2, male civilians up to the age of 44 were drafted into the armed services. Many, of course, had already enlisted before they would have been drafted.

Time difference between England and Poland?

1 hour. (In Poland- 1h later)

Were black hawk helicopters flown in the Vietnam war?

No The Black Hawk helicopter has the military designation of UH-60. It was made by Sikorsky late in the 1970's to replace the Bell UH-1H. The Bell UH-1C, UH-1D and other versions for Air Force(UH-1F) were first helicopters used in large quantities during the Viet Nam War.

Who is the inventor of uh -1h huey helicopter?

Bell designed and built the Huey. The term "Huey" came from using the words/letters UH all the time in Vietnam...the UH-1 Iroquois (UH=Utility Helicopter); all US Army choppers minus the Cobra are (were) named after American Indian tribes: Blackhawk, Iroquois, Apache, Cayuse, Kiowa, Chinook, Shawnee, Mohawk (an airplane, fixed wing), Sioux, etc.

Is the US Army still using the Huey Vietnam UH-1 helicopter in any form for missions?

UH-1 helicopters do still see some use.. the Marine Corps is more frequent a user of them, having never received the Blackhawk, but the Army does still maintain some UH-1D and UH-1H helicopters. They've seen a bit of use in Afghanistan, although those are often operated by Dyncorp contractors.

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