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They take the flag down and sell it in the white house gift shop !

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Q: What do they do with the flag that has been flown over the White House?
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What does it mean when the American flag is not flown at the white house?

That the president is not home

What flags can be flown over the White House?

only the American flag over the capital building and white house

Is the flag at the white house flown at half staff on veterans day?


What is the only Washington dc building where the flag is flown around the clock?

white house

What residence is a brand new American flag flown each day over?

The White House

What places are the US flag flown?

the white house, outside of gas stations and city hall

Can any flag other than the American flag be flown over he white house or congress?

No as the U.S house of congress is a American state building only the The U.S flag can fly there.

When was a flag with a white star first flown in Texas?

One was a flag what a white star first loan and Texas

A brand new flag is flown each day over what residence?

♣♣white house™♣♣

What was the british red ensign flag apart of what group?

The Red Ensign is the national flag flown on British non-military boats and ships. The White Ensign is flown on military vessels.

Texas Flag be flown above the US Flag?

No. No state flags can be flown above the US flag.

What does the mayflower's flag look like?

The Mayflower was an English ship and would have flown the Union flag appropriate at the time, which looks much like the modern British flag but the diagonals would have been purely white instead of the current white-and-red as the St. Patrick's Cross flag of Ireland had not yet been incorporated.

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