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Boise State

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2010-07-03 13:58:51
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Q: What college football team over the past eight years has won 90 games made eight bowl games won at least seven conference championships and was ranked in the Top 20 at least six of those years?
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How many teams in college football were ranked number one before the season started and finished the season number one?

2001 FSU team.

What is auburn ranked now in the sec football?


Which college football conference has won the most national football championships since 1936?

Well Yale had the most in all with 19. Although, there last title was in 1927. Princeton Has 17 right behind them.AnswerThe Big Ten, im almost positive.The Pac 10/Pacific Coast Conference has won 17 since 1936, including 1936. The Big 1Ten1 has won 16.Welll, I think its the SEC- Alabama has 9 - UT has 2 - LSU has 3 - Florida 3 - ole miss 1 - Arkansas 1 - AU 1AnswerNote that the question asks which conference has won the most championships. Prior to the 1998 season, national championships were not won, on the field, in a game, but were awarded by one of several polling organizations. The only thing that any "national champion" prior to 1998 won was a popularity contest. Since the inception of the BCS with the 1998 season, the two highest ranked teams in the country had to face each other, on the field, in a "national championship game", with the winner being recognized as the "national champion". Since that time, SEC teams have won six (6) national championships (Tennessee, the first one, in 1998; LSU in 2003 and 2007; Florida in 2006 and 2008; and Alabama in 2009). No other conference has won more than 2

What is a NFL playoff seed?

The number you are ranked in your conference (NFC or AFC) going into the post season.

Where is Louisiana State University ranked on the all time college football wins list?

As of the 2008 season, LSU's all time record was 698-378-47. That ranked them 12th in Division 1-A play. (11th was Georgia with 714 wins and 13th was Auburn with 683 wins).

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Who in college football has the hardest schedule?

I don't know what anyone elses schedule is but my team is LSU and we play 6 teams ranked in the top 25 this season including 2 ranked teams Out of Conference. 6 teams in the top 25 to play out of 12 games id say is pretty tough in college football.

What is the most popular sport in Alabama and why?

probably college football. Alabama is usually the #1 ranked team in the SEC. They have a very long history of this sport and have had very good competition. This college has also had many championships and miraculous wins.

What college football team is ranked number one in the AP poll?


Where can you see the top 15 ranked teams in college football?

What major college football programs have had the most wins over ranked opponents?


What college football team has the number one ranked rush offense?

Oregon ducks

What ranking is Alabama in for college football for 2011?

bama is ranked #2 in bcs poll

What college football team has the record for most consecutive weeks ranked in the AP?


What year was the Duke Blue Devils ranked in the top 10 nationally at the end of the season?

The Duke Blue Devils have been ranked in the top 10 nationally at the end of the season several years in their history. They have been one of the top teams in the history of college football, and have also won 4 championships.

What is North Carolina's Tar Heels ranking in college football?

They are ranked number 1 in the league

Where is UNC Tarheels ranked on all time college football wins list?

7th with 633

What rank was the lowest ranked college football team to win the national championship?

Clemson 1982

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