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Q: What checks and balances are placed on the legislative branch by the other two branches of the govornment?
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List the important checks and balances system that has been built into your govornment?

executive branch, legislative branch, judicial branch

Is part of the legislative branch of the federal govornment?

Congress is the legislative branch.

Is the legislative branch the strongest branch?

there are no stronger branches than others. this is because of the checks and balances. checks and balances states that no branch can overpower the others.

Which two branches of the government check the power of the legislative branch?

For A+ it's Checks and Balances

Importance of checks and balances of the judicial branch?

So the Judicial branch doesn't overpower the Executive and Legislative branches.

What two branches of government provide checks and balances against the executive branch becoming too powerful?

The Legislative branch and the Judicial branch.

Why is the legislative branch seen as the strongest branch of the us government?

because in the system of checks and balances it has the most checks on the other branches

Why should the legislative branch be dominant?

The Legislative branch shouldn't really be dominant because we have checks and balances (separation of pawers between the branches). But if if should be dominant then it should be because it is the one out of the three branches that make the laws

Does a system of checks and balances ensure that your judicial and legislative branches are always in agreement with your executive branch?

No, the checks and balances system ensure that no one branch of government can be more powerful than another branch of government.

What is a power the legislative branch holds over the executive?

The legislative branch along with the other 2 branches work in a system of checks and balances. In this case the legislative branch votes on the presidents decisions and can approve or deny bills before they get to the president.

How does judicial power differ from legislative power and executive power?

Well, those "powers" are branches of the government in America. Each branch has the power to perform checks and balances on the other branches. The judicial branch has the power to declare laws made by the executive branch (the president) and the legislative branch (congress) unconstitutional. But in turn the legislative and executive branches both have their own checks to use against the judicial branch.

Each branch of the U.S. government โ€” the executive, legislative, and judicial branches โ€” has the ability to limit the actions of the other branches?

Which Enlightenment concept does this demonstrate? Checks and balances.

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