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Majority of NFL players wear Oakley visors.

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Q: What brand of visors do NFL players wear?
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What are the NFL visor rules?

all players must wear clear, black, or light black visors, nothing else

Do NFL players wear jockstraps?

Most NFL players wear a jockstrap, and some wear a cup

Can NFL quarterbacks wear tinted helmet visors?

Yeah, Mike Vick buddy

What brand of shoulder pads do NFL football players wear?

They use riddell. Check out the website

Why cant you buy the gloves the nfl players wear?

You can. NFL players can wear any glove they want but they have to have an NfL shield on it.

Are tinted visors allowed in Utah high school football?

I recently stumbled across your clearly defined explanation for players to only wear clear visors on their helmets. I also understand that it is the same in the NFL. Players are not allowed to wear mirrored or tinted visors. Recently about a year or two ago I remember hearing of Miami Dolphin's running back getting fined because he was wearing a "sunburst" design visor. The only exception to these rules that I was able to find, was mentioned in a recent article stating that tinted visors can only be worn with special permission from officials. Now this article referring to the NFL rules.

Rules for NFL helmet visors?

The NFL has banned helmet visors unless prescribed by a physician.

Do nfl players have to wear a mouthpiece?

No, they don't have to wear mouthpiece.

Do nfl players wear a cup?

They certainly do.

Do NFL players wear cups?

They certainly do.

What do NFL players wear on their cleats?


In the NFL what players wear number 17?

for a custom nfl jersey

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