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king tuts tomb gives us great info on king tut
howard carter found a pic of his wife in his tomb

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His golden mask, shabtis,golden chair with himself and his wife.

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a crook a flail chariots...

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Q: What artifacts give us some personal information about King tutankhamun?
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What artifacts personal information about King Tutankhamen?


What artifacts were in King Tutankhamun's tomb?

Gold statues

what was king tuts favorite color?

There is no historical evidence or record indicating King Tutankhamun's favorite color. Information about his personal preferences, including his favorite color, has not been preserved through ancient texts or artifacts. Therefore, it remains a mystery.

What important items were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun?

King tuts coffin and body and many old artifacts in gold

What do we know about the life of King Tutankhamun from the artifacts found in his tombs?

we know he was very wealthy because of all the gold

Where can you get information about King Tutankhamun?

type in king tut in google or or wikipedia there are lots of information

What were some of the artifacts in King Tutankhamun's tomb and what were they?

His Golden Mask, Shabtis, golden chair with a picture of himself and his wife, etc

What is in King Tutankhamun's buriel chamber?

King Tutankhamun's burial chamber contains artifacts that were found in 1923 when the tomb was first opened. The gold mask of death is located there along with other gold, jade, and stone artifacts. Some of the pieces are on tour at museums across the world, but only for a short time before they are returned to the tomb.

Where can you find information on King Tutankhamun?

WikipediaIt has a lot of what you need to know.

What is the new information about how King Tutankhamun died?

Malaria with a combination of a broken leg

Who was King Tutankhamun's real mother?

Click on the link below for more information.

What artifacts did King Tutankhamun have in his tomb that were related to his family?

It's been proven that his two daughters were 2 or 1 months premature and were put in his tomb with his. Remember king tut was only 18.