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The destruction of it's war-making potential and the demoralization of the civilian population .

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Q: What are two effects of allied bombing raids on japan?
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Were the day light bombing raids over Japan as bad as the day light bombing raids in Europe?

the bombing campaign in japan was terrible. The u.s. used incendiary bombs which caused fires. japan was mostly wood structures, this is why it was so devistating.

What did people in Japan do when there were air raids during World War 2?

People in Japan were rarely aware of small allied bombing raids, such as Doolittle's raid because the government did not publicly release that they had been bombed, in trying to continue to look invincible to the rest of the world.

Was Germany the strongest nation after world war 2?

After WWII, Germany was defeated, bankrupt, and mostly a pile of rubble from Allied bombing raids.

Was Germany destroyed in World War 2?

Many parts of Germany were completely or majoritarily destroyed by Allied Bombing Raids or the invasion forces in 1944 and 1945. Most notably, Dresden was firebombed a such strong way that it has been described by some as an Allied War Crime. Of course, the Allied Bombing Raids were a result of the German-caused World War 2, but German civilians and cities still suffered.

What were the results of these bombing raids?


When was there huge bombing raids on Coventry?

In 1890.

How did General Grant's policies on raids compare to the Allied bombing of Germany in World War 2?

Some historians see that Grant's raids against Southern communications were similar to one of the principal objectives of strategic bombing in WW 2. Perhaps the truly successful part of Allied bombing of Germany in WW 2 was the Allied attack on German railroads. One significant difference was that Grant's raids on Southern railways was not intended to terrorize Southern civilians. Allied bombing of Germany in the middle of WW 2 not only were designed to destroy rail links but to bring terror to German civilians. Curiously the railway bombings failed to destroy rail links that transported Jews to the Nazi death camps.

Why was Iwo Jima captured?

1- It was one of the islands that the Allies needed to capture to advance closer to mainland Japan. 2- The airfields on the island were used to launch bombing raids on Japan.

What the American's aircraft do in World War 2?

The American aircraft was extremely important for bombing raids, such as the Doolittle raids or attacks on Germany from Allied bases in England. They also helped in the war in the Pacific, where aircraft carriers proved invaluable while fighting the Japanese.

Who ordered bombing raids on North Vietnam?

president johnson

Ordered bombing raids on North Vietnam?

president Johnson

The bombing raids on England by the Germans were called operation?


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