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Les Bleus

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Q: What are the french national football and rugby team known as?
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What is Australia's national game?

Australia has no official national game. Cricket is Australia's unofficial national game.Although Rugby and Australian Rules football are popularly followed, no football code has achieved national dominance.

How did you come up with the word soccer?

Football in England is run by the Football Association. Rugby is known as Rugby Football. To distinguish between the two people called football Association Football. The word 'association' was eventually shortened to 'soccer' by the general public.

What country is rugby created?

Rugby football developed from a version of football played at Rugby School in England

What is the origin of a football?

The origin of football was actually from rugby.

Who called grid iron football and football soocer?

Gridiron football has always been called "football." It originated as a kicking game on Ivy league campuses in the 19th century, and it began to evolve out of rugby after a standardized set of rules, based on the English rugby code, was drawn up in the 1870s. (Rugby, of course, is really "rugby football.") The term "soccer" originated in England, coming from the "soc" in "association football." It didn't catch on there, but it became popular in places that used it to distinguish association football from other football codes. That's why it's popular in the USA and Canada (which have gridiron football), Ireland (which has Gaelic football), Australia (which has Australian rules football), and, to a lesser extent, New Zealand (where rugby union is the national sport and is often referred to simply as "football").

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