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The equivalent to an English GCSE is a Scottish Standard Grade. An A-level is roughly equivalent to a Higher in Scotland.

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Q: What are the equivalents of exam qualifications between Scotland and England?
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Who was the king of England and Scotland between 1625 and 1648?

James Ist of England, who was also King James II of Scotland.

Should you go to Scotland or England?

If you go to Scotland it has a lot more beauty and if you are interested in walking, Scotland has a lot of walks. on the other hand England has better weather (but you can get good weather in Scotland too) and if you are English yourself then you probably wont understand what the Scottish are saying, when English say 'why' the Scottish actually say 'how'. in England it is more about the buses, in Scotland they prefer trains. England and Scotland have different education times, in Scotland you get categorised into your classes from Jan - DEC in England its around July - June ( i think, somewhere around that area) so you might want to take that into consideration. my mum nd dad wanted to move from Scotland to England so i no the differences between the two.

How far is Scotland United Kingdom from England?

The southern border of Scotland is also the northern border of England so you can literally step over the border from England into Scotland in exactly the same way that you could walk over the border from the US into Canada. The distance between London and Edinburgh is about 400 miles.

What was the name of the war between England and Scotland?

This was the beginning of the first Scottish War of Independance.

What were the failures of Mary of Scotland?

Mary Queen of the Scots was the reigning monarch of Scotland from 1542 to 1567. Most noteworthy, was her absence from Scotland when she resided in France. Mary became detached from Scotland, and upon her return, she was determined to succeed Elizabeth as queen of England. Consequently, Mary was indecisive and switched allegiance from France to England. She also swayed between Catholic and Protestant beliefs. Her personal pursuits did not benefit Scotland. She was executed for plotting to kill Elizabeth of England.

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What country of the UK is located between Scotland and Wales?

The country between Scotland and Wales is... England.

How many miles are there between Scotland and England?

none. England and Scotland share a border.

What is Scotland's borders?

Scotland has only 1 land border. it is between Scotland and England.

How far is Aberdeen Scotland from Kendal England?

There are about 280 miles between Aberdeen, Scotland and Kendal, England.

How many hours in time is Scotland in front or behind England?

There is no time difference between Scotland and England.

What is the distance between St Andrews Scotland and London England?

It's about 400 miles between St. Andrews, Scotland and London, England.

Is the English Channel between Scotland and England?

No, the English Channel is located between England and France. Scotland and England share a border that runs along approximately 96 miles.

What is the situation of England?

England is situated snugly between Scotland and France

How many road miles between Birmingham England and Edinburgh Scotland?

The driving distance between Birmingham, England and Edinburgh, Scotland is about 291 road miles.

What year was the war between Scotland and England?

yes there was

When was the act of union between england and scotland?


Who was the king of England and Scotland between 1625 and 1648?

James Ist of England, who was also King James II of Scotland.