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The benefits of hosting the Olympic Games are:

- increased employment - lots of workers needed for construction of facilities etc.

- increased tourism - the host nation is put on show to all the world

- better infrastructure - transport, security etc. are all improved

- feel-good factor across the host nation

The Olympics usually are very expensive (London 2012 budget is somewhere around £9 billion) and so host nations have to weigh up the pros and cons.

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Where in Canada were the winter Olympics held?

The Winter Olympics as well as the Summer Olympics have not been held in Toronto Canada as of 2010. Toronto will likely not bid on hosting the Olympics at least until 2014, due to Vancouver Canada hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. If Toronto does win a Winter or Summer bid as host city, that bid will be for 2018 or 2020 respectively.

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Can any city host the winter Olympics?

Subject to certain Intrnational Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines, any major city can apply to host the Summer Games. However, locations for the Winter Olympics, which require extensive ice and snow, are much more restrictive as regards available area, climate, and access (Innsbruck, the site of the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012, had to haul in snow for the Olympics in 1964). Because the Games are expensive, rules now limit host countries to those that would likely not suffer adverse impact from bearing the immense costs. This effectively prevents developing countries from hosting a Winter Olympics.

What is the 2021 Olympics?

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Canada is currently hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics

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Great Britain is.

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LONDON - 2012

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Which country is hosting the 2010 Olympics?


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