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Every thig is wiped out.

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Q: What are the Effects of nuclear Holocaust on living things?
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Effects of the nuclear radiation to living things and environment?

It can make our environment destroyed and the human living things died...

Is nuclear activity a character of living things?

Nuclear activity is a character of everything.

What are the effects of radiation on living things?

radiation can cause living things to mutate.

Drought effects on non living and living things?

Go away

What effects do abiotic factors have on living things?

Abiotic factors have a variety of effects on living things. The weather (an abiotic factor) influences where a living creature can make its home or find food.

How ozone effects living things?

Ozone absorbs the UV rays. They are the ones that are fatal to living things.

Does nuclear affect any living thing?

nuclear what? nuclear radiation affects virtually all living things. it is poisonous to virtually everything as it kills living cells and just like in a microwave oven which uses the same technology it will cook you from the inside out.

What are the effects of pollution on living things?

The major effects of pollution on living things is sickness, as well as expiration and death. Pollution makes the chemistry of the soil unfit for many plants and animals.

What are the effects of a nuclear bomb on tangible things such as buildings and people?

blastthermal flashprompt radiationfirestormfallout radiationetc.

What are the effects of a storm to living things and the environment?

bla bla bla

Which organic compounds found in living things not energy rich?

Nuclear Acids and DNA

What can kill any living things but cannot seen?

Nuclear radiation is one invisible killer.

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