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Cheyenne in Wyoming and the Cheyenne river were named after the Cheyenne people.

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Q: What are some of the things named after the cheyenne Indian tribe?
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What capital city is named after an Indian tribe?

Cheyenne Wyoming would be named after the Cheyenne tribe.

What was the Cheyenne?

'Cheyenne' is the name of an Indian Tribe.

What Indian tribe was Wyoming name after?

The Cheyenne indian's.

What is the region for Cheyenne Indian Tribe?


What types of things did the Cheyenne tribe rely on?

the cheyenne tribe ryled on nature for many things such as food shelter and water.

What animals was hunted by the cheyenne Indian tribe?

they hunted the buffalo

What are 5 interesting things about the cheyenne tribe?

Cheyenne made there weapons out of bones

What is the climate for Cheyenne Indian tribe?

mostly dry and hot. hope i helped!!!!!!

What battles did the cheyenne tribe fight with settlers or the us army?

it was the indian war

What is Illinois named after?

Indian tribe

What is Illinois named after an?

Indian tribe

What tribe was named for the color of their moccasins?

The Blackfoot Indian tribe .