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titanic- having great size, strength, power, or intellect- from the Titans, the first gods orpheum- a music hall or theatre- from Orpheus, the musician whose playing of the lyre charmed Hades jovial- good hearted- full of fun- those born under the sign of Jupiter were supposed to be cheerful Jovian- majestic- from Jove, the Roman king of the gods mercurial- a quick -witted, changeable, fickle- from Mercury the messenger god herculean- adjectve meaning "difficult, requiring great strength or courage"- from the Greek hero Hercules Junoesque- objective meaning stately and queenlike- from Juno, queen of the Roman gods odyssey- an extended journey- from Odysseus, who wandered many years trying to get home from the Trojan War lethal- fatal, deadly, suggestive of death- from the Lethe River, the river of forgetfulness in the Underworld cloth- fabric- from Clotho, the fate who spun the thread of life plutonium- a radioactive chemical element- named for Pluto, god of the underworld syringe- any medical instrument that cosists of a hollow barrel fitted with a plunger and a hollow needle - named for the syrinx, Pan's hollow reeds that functioned as his musical instrument Europe- a continent- europa, one of Zeus' lovers, gave this name to the continent pandemonium- a scene of wild confusion, disorder, and noise panic- a sudden fear- comes from Pan, the god of fields and woods, who sometimes caused a groundless fear among mortals phobia- an irrational or persistent fear- comes from Phobus, the god of fear

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Q: What are some mythological references in everyday life?
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