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Q: What are facts about the Mi kmaq tribe?
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What are roles of men in a mi 'kmaq in a society?

the answer is NOTHING

Where did the mi' kmaq store their food?

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What is the struggle for Acadia?

this is when the british and the french were fighting for a cadia. the mi kmaq also wanted acadia but they werent in the picture.

What language did the mi' kmaq speak?

The Mi'kmaq people speak the Mi'kmaq language, which is an Algonquian language indigenous to Eastern Canada.

Where did the mi kmaq live?

They lived in the East near Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

Where did the mi kmaq people come from?

They came from China in 200 b.c due to fighting over money. The first ancestors traveled by an iceburg do to desperation.

What are facts about the Seneca Indian Tribe?

they were the most powerful tribe

Facts about the Comanche tribe?

it is cool

What is some major facts about the Sioux tribe?

The only major fact about the Sioux is that it isn't a tribe but a collection of many related tribes.If you were to specifically ask for facts on the Oglala Lakota tribe, or the Sisseton Dakota tribe you would get a specific answer.

What are facts about the grebo tribe?

they wear masks

Which group of explorers first found Prince Edward island?

The Mi'kmaq people lived on Prince Edward Island for thousands of years.

What does Mi' kmaq mean in English?

Did you know that Nova Scotia is one of the provinces where the Mi'kmaq people live. Its coat of arms is the most detailed of all the provinces and territories. It is also where bluenose, the schooner on the Canadian dime, was built.