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As far as I can remember when I watched this unbelieveable draft class of 1989, and I was a freshman in High School I idolized Barry Sanders right from the start. I watched him play in the 1988 Holiday Bowl and I was hooked. It helped that I grew up in Michigan and got to watch his entire career. I believe Barry ran the 40 yard dash in an unofficial 4.37 time. Bench-Pressed 225lbs. 16 times and had a vertical leap of 4ft 4in(He could dunk a Basketball by standing flat-footed underneath the rim). Notes from an actual scouting report Gil Brandt wrote on Sanders for Dallas: Sanders measured up at 5-foot-7 5/8, 203 pounds and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.37. ... I wish he was a little taller. ... Has Tony Dorsett-like ability as a runner, unbelieveable quickness (quickness grades above 80 percent). ... Great leg strength and vision. ... Can cut, stop and start on a dime. ... Has been very durable. ... Can return kickoffs (two for TDs in 1987). ... Oklahoma State seldom throws ball to running backs but he did catch ball well in practice. ... Great person, everyone from equipment manager to the secretaries brag on him. ... Should be a Pro Bowl player.

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Q: What are barry sanders stats from his combine in 1989?
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