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The Romans perfected the arch and the dome.

The architecutral aid the Romans perfected was the crane, which saw its heyday in the Roman days. They adopted the cranes from the Greeks and developed them much further. They had the tripastos with three pulleys and a winch which could lift 50 kilograms. The winch polypastos had a set of 3 by 5 pulleys on up to four masts and could lift 3 mentric tonnes. It was operated by four men. When the treadwhel replaced the winch for power, it could lift 6 tonnes. It was operated by two men who walked inside the treadwheels at the sides od the structure.

For weights of up to 100 tons, a wodden tower was built with a frame around it that kept it upright. Material was lifted with capstans powered by animals or humans.

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Q: What architectural aid did the Romans perfect?
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What architectural elements did the Romans borrow from Greeks?

columns and open spaces

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They were concrete, the barrel arch and the vault.

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Rakesh Chauhan has written: 'An architectural design aid'

Curved structure that can hold great weight?

That would be an arch. The Romans were known for this architectural style.

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The Romans built roads and aqueducts that are still standing 2000 years later. But their most iconic architectural work is the Colosseum in Rome.

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Use of Greek orders.

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The use of the arch and the dome were both used in architectural and engineering projects, such as innovative buildings and bridges and above ground aqueducts.

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The Romans were such good engineers and such energetic builders that they used all sorts of architectural elements extensively. The element that really distinguishes them from earlier builders, and especially from the Greeks, is the arch. They certainly used them extensively, at times in a two or three decker arrangement.

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Ancient Romans were the first people to built the actual road system.

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The "arch"! When you go into tunnels and you see that the entrance has an arch that is like an upside down "U", that genius idea comes from the Romans.