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The Mexicans or the Aztecs built the temples of Mexico City

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Q: What ancient civilization built temples in Mexico City?
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What ancient civilization built temples that?

That what?

Ancient people of Southern Mexico?

they built pyramids and temples you fools!

Why did the structure of Ancient Egypt affect the civilization?

the pyramids were for the tombs of Egyptian pharoah's. The temples were built for the gods.

Where did the Hebrews build their civilization?

They built their civilization in Ancient Israel.They built their civilization in Ancient Israel.

Which civilization built huge temples and pyramids?

The Egyptian civilization was best known for construction magnificent temples and pyramids.

What are some of the temples that the Mayans built?

What temple was built by the Mayan Civilization?

What did temples and palaces of ancient civilization attempt to reflect?

Temples and palaces were sources of pride for the city. Massive temples were built for religious worshipping. The large size of the sculptures inspired common people. :D

Which ancient civilization built farms on lakes?

Mexico and Saudi Arabia where water is very abundant

Tenochtitlan the site of present day Mexico city was built by which ancient civilization?

The Aztec Empire.

Does Mexico or New Mexico have temples?

You mean modern temples such as Christian, Baptist or Mormon? In that case both qualify as such. Ancient temples built by Native American civilizations are usually found in central and southern Mexico (the country). In northern Mexico and New Mexico, most peoples were semi-nomadic, meaning few (if any) buildings, including temples, exist.

What civilization built the Parthenon?

The Ancient Greek civilization built the Parthenon.

What did ancient Greece craftsman do?

built temples

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