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19th amendment

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Q: What amendment gave women equal rights?
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What amendment gave women's rights?

There hasn't been an amendment which specifically gives women equal rights. However, the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.

Which amendment would have given equal rights to women?

19th gave voting rights.

The 19th amendment was an important step for equal rights because it gave?

It gave women the right to vote.

The 19th amendment was an important step for equal rights because it gave what?

It gave women the right to vote.

What was the Women's rights amendment?

The 19th amendment gave the women the right to vote. There was an Equal Rights Amendment passed by Congress in 1972, but it is three states short of the required 38 needed to ratify it and add it to the Constitution.

What amendment gave equal rights to all Americans?

The Civil Rights act.

Which amendments gave women rights?

Women got the right to vote in the 19th amendment. There is no specific amendment that gives women "rights", one amendment was proposed but it was never ratified.

To who did the 19th amendment give the right to vote?

The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. The 19th amendment was known as "Women's Suffrage", and this gave women the many rights that men did.

When was the equal rights amendment ratified?

19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1920. That gave women the right to vote but, men still didn't want to believe that women were equal to them. Only three years later, in 1923, is when the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first introduced to Congress. It states that, "Men and women shall have equal right throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction."

What amendments broadened voting rights?

The 19th amendment gave women voting rights.

Why did the 15th amendment upset white women?

It only gave rights to men, not women

What is the long term effect of the 19th amendment?

It gave women the rights to vote and it gave women more power

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