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UK, US, Canada, Free Belgian Forces, Free French Forces, Free Dutch Forces, Free Norwegian Forces, Free Polish Forces The complete list of battalions etc. can be found at

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2007-03-14 13:53:58
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Q: What allied forces defeated Germany in World War 2?
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What was Japan after World War 2?

They were defeated by the allied forces and surrendered

How did Germany beat France and Britain in World War 2?

Germany lost WW2, they did not beat Britain and whilst they 'occupied' France they withdrew after being defeated by allied forces.

Was Germany in World War 2?

Germany was one of the countries that participated in the second world war. In fact, Germany was a major power during the war and was ultimately defeated by the Allied Forces. Germany was a belligerent in WW1 and WW2 and was,in fact, the starter of WW2.

What does allied powers have to do with World War 2?

The Allied powers were the forces that fought Germany in WW2.

What nation in World War 1 was the last to surrender to the allied Forces in 1918?

I think Germany was the last nation to surrender to Allied Forces in 1918.

Did Italy join the allied forces in World War 2?

Yes. Italy surrendered to Allied forces after being defeated and pushed out of North Africa. Sicily fell to Allied Commanders in Aug. 1943. Italy agreed to joins the allied forces in October of 1943.

What side did the US join in World War 1?

AnswerThe U.S. joined the allied troops, against Germany and their forces.

Who were the allied forces fighting in World War 1?

They were fighting the Axis forces; primarily Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Why did Germany surender World War 2?

They were overwhelmed by Allied Forces and had lost the war.

Britains world war 2 allies and enemies?

the major players in the allied forces were Britain, United States, France (defeated in 1940), and later Russia the major players in the axis forces were Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan

Who commanded the allied forces during world war 2 the defeated the Germans in the north Africa?

D. Eisenhower

The first allied country to fall to the Germans during World War 2.?

Poland was the first Allied country invaded & defeated by Germany in WW2.

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