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well ... Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy were all alliances, known as the 'central powers' their main rivals were the Triple Entente made up of Britain, France and Russia. This was the way the alliance system was just before WW1, i think at some point during the war Italy backed out due to a disagreement, and left the central powers.

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When WWI started the two opposing alliances were the triple alliance with Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy against the triple entente with France, British empire and Russia.

Serbia, Japan, Belgium and many other countries joined the entente.

Bulgaria and the Ottoman empire fought with the Germany's alliance, all together known as the Central Powers.

Italy changed sides to the entente in 1915 and Russia it left through a separate peace in 1918.

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Germany and prussia

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Q: What alliances did Europe have before World War 1?
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What increased tensions in Europe before world war i?

Secret alliances

Who Tensions in Europe before World War 1 were most increased by?

secret alliances

Tensions in Europe before world war 1 were most increased by what?

Secret alliances

What was the war in Europe before World War 2 that affected the alliances in Europe?

World War I changed the alliance system in Europe and had grave mental, economic, and political consequences for Germany that contributed to Hitler's rise to power.

How Important were alliances in causing World War 1?

Yes, the alliances are what caused the war to spread around Europe. With out them, countries like Russia would not have fought in the war.

World War I was unavoidable?

Yes, with the rise of nationalism in Europe, large armies, and alliances between various nations, it was just a matter of time before Someone started a war.

What triggered world war one?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in conjunction with the complex system of alliances in Europe before the war began caused a recipe for disaster that caused a sectional conflict to explode into a world war.

What did the members of the alliances of World War 1 promise to do before the war?

iesASXE 2

What was the most dangerous result of the alliances between the Great Powers in the lead up to world war 1?

Before World War I, the various alliances in the Balkan region led to it being called the Powder Keg of Europe. Rampant nationalism created a volatile, dangerous situation which culminated in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, resulting in the first World War.

What two alliances was Europe divided into at the start of world war 1?

The Entente Powers and the Central Powers.

How do Europe alliances form in world war 1?

countries group together and defend each other