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Bill russell

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Q: What NBA player holds the most titles of all time?
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What NBA player holds the all time record for most points in a career?

Kareem Abdul-Jabar holds the record for most points in a career.

Which batter holds the record for most strikeouts by a New York Yankee?

Derek Jeter holds the all-time record for most strikeouts by a Yankees player.

Who holds the record for the most consecutive games played as a Miami Heat player all time?


Who has the most wrestling titles?

In the wwe Edge has the most of all time.

What sport does Jimmy Connors play?

Jimmy Connors played tennis. Connors holds the record for most titles in the Open Era with 109, Open Era match wins with 1222. He was a very dominant player during his time, and is now a part time commentator for a majority of the Tennis Grand Slams.

Who holds the record for the most home runs of all time?

The most home runs hit by a single player in a lifetime is Barry Bonds with 762.

Are journal titles underlined?

most of the time they are. it depends on what you are writing about.

Who is the best NHL player of all time?

Wayne gretzky-he holds many records in the nhl like the most assists in a season

What are some accomplishments of Ronnie O Sullivan?

Ronnie O'Sullivan is said to be the most naturally talented snooker player of all time. He has won four world titles as well as four masters and four UK championship titles. He has made nearly 700 century breaks and holds the world record for the fastest ever maximum break in just 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

Who holds the record for winning more Formula One races?

Micheal Schumacher has won the most Formula One races with 91 victories and 7 chapionship titles. He is the best driver of all-time.

Who has held the most WWE titles at one time?

john cena

What tennis player has won the most Australian Open Championship Titles?

Roy Emerson (an Australian himself) has 6 Australian crowns which is a record for that tournament. 1961, and 1963 - 1967. He also has the most slam titles,28, for the mens division. His 28 Grand Slam titles are an all-time record for a male player. Most of his titles were won in the final years of the period where the Grand Slam events were open only to amateur players, just before the start of the open era when professionals were admitted into tennis' most prestigious events.

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