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Dancing arm-in-arm

Public physical contact

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Lack of personal

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Lack of personal Hygiene

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what is the european cultural practice and lifestyle

Was surgery a barbaric practice until the 1700s?

yes it was in practice and continue on until much later

Do Australian Greeks believe in circumcision?

No the people that come here from other country's tend to take their cultural norms with them and traditionally the Greeks see circumcision as a form of ritual mutilation, that does not mean however that no Greeks practice this barbaric ritual.

When was Master of Laws in Cross-Cultural Business Practice created?

Master of Laws in Cross-Cultural Business Practice was created in 2009.

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There is no doubt about the immorality and inhumanity of such a barbaric practice.

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Most sociologists agree that it is important to practice cultural relativism because it leads to tolerance. Cultural relativism is a term used that believes that all value systems are correct.

What is Cultural Criticism?

Cultural critics practice cultural criticism. They are critics of a certain culture and they describe the conduct of others and tell you how it is lacking. Cultural criticism is similar to writing a newspaper editorial.

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Yes some European cultures did.

If Inca descendants do not practice their cultural traditions it is likely that what would happen?

Simply stated, their cultural traditions would be lost.

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Cultural innovation is any new tool or practice that is accepted by members of a society. Examples of cultural innovation are the internet, facebook, gmail and technology.

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Carry on regardless. There was a widespread barbaric practice of removing the tails of some dogs for esthetic reasons. Fortunately this is almost irradicated.

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