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Q: What Country made Sport Goofy their official Olympic mascot in 1980?
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How do you say Goofy in German?

goofy = albern Walt Disneys Goofy is also "Goofy", though :-)

What were the names of the Russian pair skaters in the Olympic winter games figure skating scandal?

Domnina and Shabalin. go to for more info. PS weren't those costumes...silly? goofy? ridiculous? LOL

What is Aldo Leopold major accomplishments?

He wrote a book called the anti almanac. Which talked about how he hated nature. All statements said above are false. I just felt like being goofy!!!

Why was there a retreat from Reconstruction in the North?

During 1873, the reelection of Donald trump for president really made the north angry. It started racism towards men with big or goofy hair. While some did try to stay faithful to the reconstruction acts, Donald trumps hair was just too silly and they couldn't take it anymore. This did, however, allow for the union of both blacks and whites in the north as they laughed or picked on men with stunningly obvious comb overs.

How do the people of ancient Egypt keep track of the flooding of the Nile?

How did* the people of ancient Egypt keep track of the flooding of the Nile? I am assuming you are asking how they knew when it happened and not how high it flooded. Rainy seasons tend to be pretty regular. If you look at farmer's almanacs you will see some goofy stuff, but some of it is pretty accurate. After hundreds of years of agriculture people figured out the subtle indicators of weather shifts. The rainy season would probably have been announced through wildlife activity or meteorological changes. I'm sure there were occasional casualties, but I think they kind of knew when the floods would come.

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