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Yes. As of the '09-'10 football season the New England Patriots were put out of the playoffs in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens. The score was 33-14.

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2010-01-13 05:34:57
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Q: Were the New England Patriots knocked out of the playoffs in 2009?
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What 10 and 6 NFL team did not make the playoffs?

In the last 10 seasons (2000-2009), the 2007 Cleveland Browns, 2005 Kansas City Chiefs, and 2003 Miami Dolphins all had a record of 10-6 and didn't make the playoffs. There have also been 11-5 teams that didn't make the playoffs including the 2008 New England Patriots and 1985 Denver Broncos.

Who has a better record against each other the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots?

Through 2009, the Steelers hold the regular season lead over the Patriots at 13-7. The Patriots lead 3-1 in their postseason meetings.

Are the Yankees in the playoffs?

Yes, and not just in the playoffs. 2009 World Series Champions, for their 27th time.

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Steelers did not make the playoffs?

The 2009 season was the last time the Steelers failed to make the playoffs.

What nfl team has the most consecutive wins?

the 2003-2004 New England Patriots have the most consecutive wins with 21 including playoffs The 2007 Patriots have the record of 18 consecutive wins in a single season The 2008-2009 Colts have the most regular season consecutive wins of 23 breaking the 2006-2007 Patriots record of 21 regular season games Some people get confused and believe it's the colts that hold the record because they remember hearing the colts beat the patriots 21 regular season consecutive streak record, but the NFL's official undefeated streak is the 2003-2004 patriots 21 games, as they won all the way thru the Superbowl and into the next season.

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Will the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl in 2009?

No. The Patriots were eliminated in the Wildcard round of the 2009 AFC playoffs.

What was the New England Patriots record of 2009?

10-6 in the regular season, 0-1 in the playoffs.

How many times has the Baltimore Ravens won against the New England Patriots?

Twice - 2009 playoffs and 2012 regular season.

How many games did the New England Patriots win in 2009?

In 2009, the New England Patriots had a 10-6 record.

What do the Pittsburgh Steelers need to do to get into the 2009 playoffs?

The Steelers did not make the playoffs in 2009. They won their remaining 3 games, but they did not get the help they needed From The Patriots, Jets or Ravens.

How many games have the New England Patriots won in their nfl career?

Thru week 14 of the 2009 NFL season, the New England Patriots have an overall regular season record of 385-359-9, an overall .517 win percentage. In addition, the Patriots are 21-13 lifetime in the playoffs.

What was Patriots record for 2009?

10-6 in the regular season, 0-1 in the playoffs.

Has an 11-5 team ever not made the playoffs?

yes the 2008-2009 patriots went 11-5 and missed the playoffs

Was Rich Ornberger on the Patriots roster in 2009?

Rich Ornberger was on the New England Patriots roster in 2009.

What is the 2009 stats for New England Patriots?


How many NFL teams have went 11-5 and not make the playoffs?

2 (1985 Broncos, 2009 Patriots).

New England Patriots cheerleader from deerfield ma?

No member of the 2009 New England Patriots Cheerleading squad listed Deerfield, Ma. as their hometown in the bios on the Patriots website. .

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