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Q: Were most of the privateers during the revolutionary war hired by congress?
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How did the privateers help the Americans in the revolutionary war?

They attacked British merchant ships

German mercenaries hired by the british to fight during the American revolutionary war?

Hessian (soldiers)

What were the German mercenaries hired by the british to fight during the American revolutionary war known as?


How did the south challenge the blockade during the civil war?

They hired privateers as blockade runners. Unfortunately, any ship quick enough to evade the blockade could not carry much cargo.

What mistakes did Abigail make during the revolutionary war?

she hired men to help her with the chores[ they demanded sky high wages]

What people were celebrating Christmas when they were attacked during the revolutionary war?

I think it was the "Hessians" [spelling?], who were Germans hired by the British to fight for them.

Why were the activities of the pirates privateers and buccaneers suppress by their governments?

When the pirates starting attacking ships of the same governments that originally hired them.

What did the Americans call the hired British soldiers during the revolutionary war?

If you mean the German soldiers that the British hired, that would be the Hessians. If you're talking about the actual British soldiers, that would be redcoats.

Did the british get helped by the germasns in the Revolutionary War?

Which revolutionary war? Germany did not exist as a country during either the American revolution or the British revolution. However during the American revolutionary war, the Brits often hired Hessian mercenaries, who were professional soldiers from a land that would later become part of Germany.

Why did Wilhem Von Baron Knyphausen fight in the American Revolutionary War?

He was hired byEngland.

Was Countess Scarborough a British war ship?

The Countess of Scarborough was a 22-gun ship that the Royal Navy hired in 1777. It was used against privateers before it was captured by an American flotilla in 1779.

Who served as mercenaries in the American revolution and which side?

During the American Revolutionary War, German citizens served as mercenaries in the American Revolution. They were hired by Great Britain to help in their fight against the American revolutionaries.