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Q: Was there any ships wrecked on one of balboas voyages?
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Did James Cook have any loss of ships during any of his voyages?


Did any famous ships sink in the Atlantic Ocean?

There have been thousands of ships that have sunk or been wrecked in the Atlantic. One famous wreck is the RMS Titanic

How many ships did Amerigo Vespucci use?

Amerigo Vespucci did not have any ships named after him. He participated in several voyages to the New World using ships provided by the Spanish and Portuguese monarchs.

How does a 1970 Plymouth superbird look when it is wrecked?

looks like any other car when wrecked.

How many ships did Amerigo Vespucci have?

Amerigo Vespucci did not own any ships himself. He was an Italian explorer who sailed on several voyages sponsored by the Spanish and Portuguese monarchs.

What voyages did King Henry VIII sponsor?

He didn't sponsor any voyages.

Why didn't prince Henry the navigator ever go on any of his voyages?

He went on 900 voyages.

How did the Birkenhead come to be wrecked Was any member of her crew to blame?

The Birkenhead came to be wrecked because of its collision against a hidden undiscovered rock in the sea. Not any members of her crew was blamed.

Did sally ride have any other voyages?


Why did the renaissance explorers on voyages?

Because the Renaissance didn't have any cars, it took days to travel on foot. So there only choice to go is on ships,boats to travel, explore, colonize and trade goods with other countries.

Have any other ships besides Vasa and Titanic sunk on their maiden voyages?

A ship that sank on her maiden voyage was MS Hans Hedtoft was a Danish Ship that struck an iceberg south of Cape Farewell and sank on 30 January 1959.

How many voyages did Prince Henry take?

Prince Henry commissioned numerous sailing expeditions to the Madeira Islands, Cape Bojador, Cape Blanc, Cape Vert, Cape Palmas, and the Gambia River. However, he did not personally join any of the expeditions.