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The British was motivated in passing the Townshend Acts to collect taxes owed. They also wanted to punish the colonists.

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Q: Was there any additional British motivation in passing the Townshend Acts?
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How did the policies of Charles townshend and of lord north differed?

England's response to the American protests over the Stamp Act was to restrict the colonists more. Charles Townshend acted by passing an Act giving the British the right to collect. Lord North disagreed with this tactic.

Colonists reacted to taxes imposed by the British by?

The colonists were angry because of the famous line "no taxation without representation." Britain kept passing acts and the colonists had no say. The Sugar Act and Townshend Acts had been passed before the Stamp Act. In the end, Britain did repeal (get rid of) the Stamp Act, but then passed an act requiring the colonists to house British soldiers.

Do you think the British were justified in passing The Intolerable Acts?


What 2 goals did the British hope to accoplish by passing the Tea Act?

to get all the money to pay the british soldiers loan

What two goals to accomplish by passing the tea actdid the british hope?

get to money more

British minister who raised a storm of protest by passing the stamp act?

George Grenville

Passing the intoerable acts was reasonable response to the Boston tea party why or why not?

yes because what the british did was not right

Dollars for passing go i?

In the classic board game Monopoly, players earn $200 for passing Go on their turn. This provides them with additional funds to purchase properties, pay rent, or invest in improvements. Passing Go is a pivotal moment in gameplay as it can help players gain an advantage over their opponents.

What country did Canada achieve independence from?

Canada achieved independence from Great Britain with the passing of the British North America Act on the 1st July 1867. Canada remained a member of the the British Commonwealth.

In practice the British mercantile system worked so that the?

In practice, the British mercantile system worked so that the Colonists were being regulated by British rules. The Colonists resented this and the passing of the Stamp Act was said to be the last straw that pushed them over the edge as far as hostility toward the British.

Why would the Indians support Britain for passing the proclamation in 1763?

thy supported the british....cuz it kept the colonists from moving farther into their territory

What type of colonists would have been unlikely to have grievances against the British government by April 1775?

All colonists would have had a grievance against the British government by April 1775. This was due to the invasions that the British troops conducted, the unfair taxation on products needed by the colonists, and other such unfair treatment that the British were passing to these people.