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Cold war=No war.

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Cold War had direct millitary conflict using other military. Because the Vietnam war was a bunch of Soviets in Vietnam helping the Communist vietnamese and the Americans helping the south vietnamese and also the Korean War

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Q: War without direct military conflict
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What term is used to describe the period of hostilely without direct military conflict between the USA and the Soviet Union?

The cold war

What is the difference between a military engagement and a war?

The difference between a military engagement and a war is a conflict. When the U.S. Military gets involved in a situation without a formal declaration of war, it is referred to as a conflict.

What is war without direct military conflict?

Technically, "Peace". But you're probably looking for the term "cold war", which was actually an arms race between two sets of atomic weapon armed nations; which never fought each other with their military forces (there never was a WWIII). You really cannot use the term "cold war" to describe any "war without direct military conflict" because then all peaceful times thru out history could be called "cold wars." This particular cold war (1945-1990) was strictly between the nuclear armed communist nations and the free world, led by the US.

What is the outcome of military conflict?


What do you call the war of propaganda between the U.S and the soviet union after world war2?

The war of propaganda between the U.S. and the Soviet Union after World War II is often referred to as the Cold War. It was a period of geopolitical tension and ideological rivalry between the two superpowers, marked by propaganda, military build-up, and espionage, without direct military conflict.

Conflict carried on by methods of overt military action without going to war?

Sounds like the cold war; alot of Sabre rattling but no killing.

What is a prolonged military conflict?

A Cold War

State of tension and hostility without armed conflict?

This state is typically known as "cold war," characterized by political and economic rivalry, propaganda, and espionage between nations without direct military engagement. It involves a tense and competitive relationship that falls short of full-scale warfare but can still have significant global implications.

Did direct military confrontation occur in the cold war?

Korean War and Vietnam War.

What is another phrase for havoc accompanying military conflict?

The answer is 'the dogs of war'...

When does a military conflict become an official war?

When the leader of that country signs an official decoration of war

What war in 1971?

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was a military conflict between India and Pakistan.