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Livestock farming

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Q: The industrial revolution was first felt strongly in what industry?
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What industries was the first to benefit from the Industrial Revolution?

t was the first industry to benefit significantly from the industrial revolution?

What industry was first affected by the Industrial Revolution?

the textile industry

In what industry did the Industrial Revolution first take place in Britain?

The Textile Industry

What was the first the major industry?

I would imagine the textile industry was the first during or after the Industrial Revolution.

In what region did the industrial Revolution first begin?

the textile industry

What inventions had the Greatest impact on the First Industrial Revolution?

The first innovations of the Industrial Revolution that took place in England were in the textile industry.

What industry did the industrial revolution in us began?

The Industrial Revolution began an era of per-capita economic growth in ..... nicknamed "Cottonopolis", and arguably the world's first industrial city.

Why was the textile industry the first industry to be affected by the Industrial Revolution?

Becase that was the main indstry before the factory system

In what industry did the Industrial Revolution first take hold in Britain?

Great Britian

Was the cotton gin made in the first or second Industrial Revolution?

it was in the first industrial revolution.

How many parts was the industrial revolution divided into?

The Industrial Revolution was divided into two distinct parts: the First Industrial Revolution, and the Second Industrial Revolution.

Where was the first factory?

arkwrights mill Ashbourne Derbyshire England