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in skirmishes you have to go to the build menu at the bottom and upgrade your space station to the highest level then you can build capital ships.

if you mean in the galactic conquest/single player game you do the same thing but to build capital ships such as the imperial star destroyer you have to build them on either Mon calamari or kuat.

i hope this was helpful.

correct this if its wrong.

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Q: On star wars empire at war how do you make capital ships?
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What planet was the capital of the empire in the original draft of Star Wars?

It was originally Alderaan.

In Star Wars Battlefront III will you be able to pilot capital ships?

no official info yet...

Can you fly space ships in star wars empire at war?

Yes. But You Can Only Control Them, You Cannot be in the Cockpit of the Ship and Fly Around.

What is the lyre chords of star ships?

what is the lyre notes of star ships

Can you get a big ship on Star Wars empire at war as the zaun consortium?

Yes, you can get capital ships on the following plants for the Zan Consortium: Kuat, Mon Calamari, Mandalore and Sullust, you can purchase Aggressor class destroyers and Kedable Battleships, however there are no Super Capitals Available to to the Consortium

Star Wars ion cannons?

star wars ion cannons are cannons that shut down other fithers in the movie

What colour were the lasers on the rebel ships in Star Wars?

for their guns and blaster rifles they were red but for their ships the were yellow (for particle shots), red, blue (for ion cannons) and sometimes green but that colour was mostly affiliated with the empire.

When was Empire Star created?

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Is Star Wars empire at war forces of corruption work on windows?

The original Star Wars was a corruption of "Aircraft Carrier" warfare during WW2; elevators raising fighters onto the flight decks, proton torpedo attacks against the the death star, battle stars (battleships), fighters trying to shoot down the "proton torpedo bombers" that were trying to "score hits" on the capital space ships, etc.

How do you make a capital ship explode in Star Wars battlefront 2?

in star wars battlefront 2 you can't make the capital ships explode you can only destroy its critical systems to gain points such as: the life support (destroy it inside the ship or on the outside the ship) and the same with the shield generator and the engines, bridge, coms relay, and the short range coms system, after all the points on the ship have been destroyed the ship will not explode there is no way to make it explode. its quite complicated.

How many pages does Empire Star have?

Empire Star has 102 pages.

When was Star Empire Entertainment created?

Star Empire Entertainment was created on 2000-02-09.