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4 plus overtime when the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions tied 0-0

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Q: NFL record for most consecutive quarters without allowing a touchdown?
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NFL record for most consecutive quarters without an offensive touchdown?

Cleveland Browns...24 consecutive quarters. Old record was 22 quarters.

Which NFL team hold the record for consecutive quarters without giving up a touchdown?

pittsburgh steelers

What is the longest streak without an offensive touchdown in the NFL?

24 quarters. Currently held by the Cleveland Browns and will roll into the 2009 season.

What is the NFL record for consecutive quarters without a offensive td?

Cleveland browns 24 quarters,in 2008,old record was held by Chicago bears in 1974-22qts.

NFL record for most quarters without a touchdown?

At the moment... 23 quaters preformed by the 2008 Cleveland browns. But it's possible that it will be 24 quaters

What is the major league record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a walk?

Bill Fischer of the 1962 Kansas City Athletics holds the MLB and American League record for most consecutive innings pitched with allowing a walk with 84 1/3.Greg Maddux holds the National League record at 72 1/3 consecutive innings pitched without allowing a walk.

Does Joe Montana hold any records?

Joe Montana holds the record for the most career touchdown passes, consecutive playoff games with at least two touchdown passes, only player to ever win three Superbowl MVP awards. He also has the most Super Bowl pass completions, most pass attempts without an interception and he is the only player to have two touchdown passes of over 95 yards.

Who has longest streak in nfl without allowing a 100 yrd rusher?

As of Oct 7, 2012, the Miami Dolphins have not allowed a 100 yd rusher in 19 consecutive games.

Who holds the record for most consecutive passes without an interception?

Bernie Kosar does with 308 consecutive passes without an interception

What is the longest run from scrimmage in the NFL without a touchdown?

Johnny Johnson

Who went to Super Bowl without scoring a touchdown?

Ravens I Think

Is the US in an economic recession?

If the U.S. economy has negative growth for two consecutive quarters, it is technicallyconsidered a beginning of a recession. In addition if we have an economic recovery without new job growth, this situation has a severe impact of the economy.

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