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F Scott Fitzgerald and Francis Scott Key were 2nd cousins 3 times removed through their common ancestors of Philip and Susannah (Gardiner) Key.

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Q: How was F Scott Fitzgerald related to Francis Scott Key?
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What does the F in F Scott Fitzgerald stand for?

The "F" in F. Scott Fitzgerald stands for Francis. His full name is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.

Was Francis Scott Key and F Scott Fitzgerald related?

No, Francis Scott Key and F. Scott Fitzgerald were not related. Francis Scott Key was an American lawyer and author of the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner," while F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American novelist known for works such as "The Great Gatsby."

Who is F. Scott Fitzgerald named after?

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was named after his ancestor Francis Scott Key, the author of The Star-Spangled Banner.

What is Scott Fitzgerald best known work what is it about?

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald's best known work (in my opinion) is The Great Gatsby.

Which novel made Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald famous?

This Side of Paradise

Are you related to francis Scott key?

I am.

How many siblings did F. Scott Fitzgerald have?

F. Scott Fitzgerald had one sibling, a sister named Annabel.

Who was the spokesman of the jazz age?

F. Scott Fitzgerald is often considered the spokesman of the Jazz Age. His novel "The Great Gatsby" is one of the quintessential literary works that captures the spirit and excesses of the era.

Is Francis Scott Key single?

No, Francis Scott Key is not single.

What race was francis Scott key?

Francis Scott Key was white but he was not spanish.Francis Scott Key was english and had a complicated religion.

How many children does Francis Scott Key have?

Francis Scott Key has 11 children

Does Francis Scott Key have children?

Yes, Francis Scott Key has 11 kids.