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You cant sorry

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2010-10-02 14:49:57
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Q: How do you play a franchise with created team in MLB 2k10?
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How do you play a season with your created team on NHL 2K10?

You cannot play a season on it. You can play a quick game, but it doesnt count. It is a feature that really sucks.

Who is the best team to play with on NBA 2k10?

The Nuggets

How do you play with your created team on madden 10?

You have to load it, it is easy! Then it shows as play now and in franchise mode!

How do you add a created player to a created team on madden 2012?

Delete him from the original team you put him on. He is now a free agent. Start a new franchise with your created team. After your franchise is created, go to free agents and he should be there

On NBA 2k10 can you pick what team you are on?

no,you cannot,in the summer circut,you pay for some teams,whatever team you last play for you will most likely be on

Created players put on a created franchise team?

u can hav creatted players on franchise, only with a gud team nd gud players they r free agents if not already assigned to a team

Best all around team on 2k10 for ps3?

There is Major League Baseball 2K10, NBA 2K10, and NHL 2h10 for the PS3. Do you want the Hockey, Baseball, or Basketball Team. see related links

How do you put a created player on a created team in madden 2010?

unfortunately, you can only put a created player on a created team in franchise mode, what you do is once you create your player release them from the team you put them on making them a free agent. Once you've did that select franchise mode load your created team, then select your created team and pick up your created player as a free agent

Is there in Nba 2k10 a USA team code?


In 1944 as a war-time emergency measure the Cardinals combined with another franchise to play as one team Which franchise was it?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Is nat marrinson from 2k10 vc team real?

He is real

When was the Phoenix Suns franchise established?

The Suns began play as an expansion team in 1968

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