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In the comedy film the life of Brian by Monty Python a Jew wanted to write Romans go home, but mistakenly wrote romeses eunt domus (people called romanes they go the house) instead of romani ite domum.

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Q: How do you mix roman eunt domus?
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Who fixed the meals in a roman domus?

If someone were wealthy enough to live in a free standing house (domus), they usually had a slave to do the cooking.

What was a roman home called?

Roman housing blocks are called "insulae" from the Latin word for island.

What is Roman house rich Romans lived in these?

TYhe wealthy Romans lived in a domus in the city and a villa if they were in the country.

What is a famous roman building?

soz the other answer was crap so...colosseum, domus aurea, some weird arches and more!peace out dudes! XxXxX

What is roman homes made out of?

The detached house of the rich (domus) was made of stone. The apartment blocks (insulae) were made with bricks or with concrete with a facing in bricks