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Chances are the cops at the gate will escort the repo man to your car and let them take it.

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2009-10-07 00:33:30
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Q: How can a repo man come on a military base and get your car if you work for the military government?
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Can a repo man come to your job and take your car while you are at work or can you stop him?

I worked with a guy that had the repo man come to work to take his vehicle, so yes they can come to your work. If you haven't been making the payments and they decide to repo your car that is that and I don't believe they have to go through any sort of legal procedures to come and take your car. You didn't pay so they come and take back their property, simple as that unfortunately for you.

Do you have to let them repo your car?

You have to read your contract to find that out. You can offer to catch up the payments and keep on trucking - if they will let you do that. I once bought a car from a supposed friend and a repo man show up at my door a year later to repo the car because my friend had a loan on it and hadn't paid. I wouldn't let them have it. The repo people got the Sheriff to come out and get it anyway. I got srowd by my ex friend Jerry G.

What is CRR rate by RBI of India?

the Repo rate, Reserve repo rate and CRR as of 03 January 2009 are as follows: Repo Rate: 5.6% CRR: 5% Reverse Repo rate: 4.1% Source: RBI

Can the repo man come on your property if you have a lock on the gate and a no tress passing sign you have filed chapter 13 but lawyer advised you to hide car until you get a court order case number?

different states have different laws... and they vary greatly. did he cut the lock off? in my state repo men can't come onto private property to repo a vehicle. in most states if someone cuts the lock off your gate and takes your car... i guess that's break in and entry/trespassing/grand theft auto. i would be suprised if a state would allow a repo man to destroy your property(lock/gate) in order to repo it. if you have a lawyer... why aren't you asking him? the easiest way is to call the police and ask them... but they may not tell you everything... or they might not even know... good luck.

Can a sherriff come and help repo a car?

Yes. Actually, there are certain things that have to be done before a law officer can get invloved. Only if there is a court order involved. Otherwise, it adds color of law to a civil action. Big No No. nope The sheriff cannot come to help repo the car, but he CAN come to enforce a court order to turn it over. If the lender has sued and been issued a Writ of Replevin, the sheriff will leave with either the car or the debtor in tow.

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Can the military police come to your job and pick up your car for a repo man and take it off base?

Not really, but a a repo man can with the right paper work scan and check come on to the base and take the car.

Can a repossession agent enter US government property to recover a vehicle?

Since it is a US Federal Government, you treat like as if it is a military base. The repo guy can not be on the property. It is considered as trespassing. They can not sneak inside there and they can not try to gain access to the property. They repo guy have to get permission to be on government property. * True, the repossession agent needs permission to enter a military base. That, however, is very easy to come by through the AG office. Repossession agents are well aware of what is necessary and will show up with the required documents to recover the vehicle. The only government land that a repossession agent can not gain access to without a court order and permission from the Tribal Council would be a Native American Reservation. * And adding - really just a call or two to the base office is all that is needed to not only get permission, but frequently their help in assuring recovery. And that anyone on the base has gotten that involved in something, if not nefarious at least problematic/attention getting, making them suseptible to blackmail, can mean the problems won't end at losing the vehicle!

Who do you call to come and get a vehicle that the repo guys are looking for in Minnesota?

Call the repo guys OR the lender.

Can a repo man come on your property?

can a repo man have to announce himself when he comes on private property

Can the Repo man come on sims vacation?

No :)

Can you get an apartment with a car repo?

Q:Can you get an apartmet with a car repo? A: All apartments come without a car repo option. Sometimes you can negotiate utilities, however

If you are home and in your garage can the repo man come inside your garage to try and repo a motorcycle even if you tell him no?

Not if you tell him no nicely.

In Florida can repo folks come on marked property?

Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When does operation repo come to DVD?

It comes out in winter 2008

In sims how does a repo man come?

dont pay the billls. a notice will come up when it says he will come.

Can a repo man come in your unlocked fence yard and repo your car in the backyard?

yes they are allowed on your property hide it in the garage if you have one

Can a repo man come on my property to repo a mobile home that does not belong to me without paying me for damages?

You need solicitors because of you give suggestion.

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