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Q: How are managers different from operative employees?
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What is your greatest contribution to a job?

Different employees contribute different things to their job. One thing it may include is being able to work with anyone.

How many managers have Manchester united had?

Man utd has had 35 managers since the very start

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What is the definition of an operative employee?

Operative employees are those employees who directly produce goods and services for a business and do not supervise others' work. Operative employees can include assembly line workers, even accountants and doctors. Each has a certain skill or skills he focuses on executing for the employer. Supervisors or managers direct operative employees in their work. Dr Veer Gangwar

How most companies promote their employees?

organizations promot there employee different ways including transferring middle managers strategy managers

When was National Union of Co-operative Insurance Society Employees created?

National Union of Co-operative Insurance Society Employees was created in 1922.

Are the results of evaluations communicated to managers and to the employees?

If the evaluation is for the business itself them the results will be shares with the managers and all of the employees. Of the evaluation is to evaluate each employees work then it will only be shared with the managers.

Are the results of evaluations communicated to managers and to employees?

If the evaluation is for the business itself them the results will be shares with the managers and all of the employees. Of the evaluation is to evaluate each employees work then it will only be shared with the managers.

How many employs do the co-operative have?

The cooperative has 50 employees.

Why is it that span of control at the chief executive level is usually narrower than that at operative level?

At the top of the hierarchy, doesn't have many direct reports. This makes his span of control narrow. Lower in the ranks, managers are responsible for numerous employees.

Describe different categories of managers?

Functional managers: oversee specific functions or departments within an organization (e.g., finance, marketing). General managers: responsible for overseeing multiple functions within a business or organization. Frontline managers: supervise and manage the day-to-day operations and activities of entry-level employees. Middle managers: bridge the gap between frontline employees and top-level executives, responsible for implementing the strategies set by upper management.

Who is responsible for training of the employees?

The Unit commander


The reason why Good Employees leave is due to unskilled managers. Employees want others to hear and value their opinions, and they become frustrated if their managers and company leaders are not open to their input.

Does cracker barrel managers have a right to search employees?


What are non management employees?

Non managers are considered to be regular employees. Non managers would not have supervising responsibilities, but would have tasks to complete assignments in certain areas.