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There has been a Pro Football Double Header game.

It was played on Saturday August 18,1962 at Cleveland Stadium.

The Detroit Loins played the Dallas Cowboys and then Pittsburgh Steelers played

the Cleveland Browns. I have a program from the game. It was a preseason game and the program states it was the 1st pro football double-header.

It also should be noted that it was Ernie Davis's only appearance at Cleveland Stadium. My program is also signed by Ernie Davis.

MORE: This is an incomplete answer -- there were annual pro football doubleheaders in Cleveland from 1962 through 1971. The Browns played a premier NFL team, usually the Packers. This featured game followed an early game played by two neutral teams. These events were always sold out. And to correct the above entry, Ernie Davis may have "appeared" at that first double-header game, but he was not in uniform and did not play.

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Q: Has there ever been a double header pro football game?
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